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Ben Plummer

I was interested in Design and Manufacturing at a young age, in 1990 I was part of the initial intake for the UK's very first Specialist Technical School and have continued on that path ever since.

Over 14 years ago now I got involved with Boat Building where we design and build high speed displacement catamarans, 2017 saw us launch the worlds first fully classified Hydrogen duel fuel passenger ferry, where we use Hydrogen to dynamically displace diesel by up to 90 percent during operation.

At the beginning of 2015 Johan and I set up Houseboats And Barges Ltd. where we convert ex commercial barges into luxury floating homes, this involves all aspects from initial design, undertaking shortening, major structural steelwork as well as full internal fit-out.

Outside of work my family is very important to me, also motorcycles are a big part of my life, mainly Rally and Adventure riding. Oh and maybe one day I will get to finish my own barge !! 😃

I always look forward to undertaking new projects and more exciting challenges.